D(aamrapali,kismat)fancy casting,ramakda(khilona),janjari,nice round payal


D(aamrapali,kismat)fancy casting,ramakda(khilona),janjari,nice round payal

Half Mina Half Plain Salang Casting Ghughri Ramakda(Khilona) D(Aamrapali,Kismat) Khili Payal Ms-2060

Different Color Plasticc Mina salang Casting Round Goal D(Aamrapali Kismat) Khili Payal Ms-2059

Pan Shaip Plastic mina Ghughri Khilona(Ramakda) Rajkoti D(Aamrapali,Kismat) Round Goal Khili Payal Ms-2058

Plastic Mina Chol Dimond Nakshi Dull Finish Ramakda(Khilona) Round Gola Rajkot Khili Payal Ms-2057

Love(Dil) Dezine Salang Casting Mina Ghughri Round Goal Khili D(Aamrapali Kismat) Payal Ms-2056

Jastar Kundan Salang Casting 3 Gungi(Mungi) Ghughri Round Goal Khili Payal Ms-2055

Fancy Peacock Casting Pis Salang Casting Mina Pis Round Goal Khili Payal Ms-2054

Flower Type Plastic Mina Pis Salang Casting Indian Traditional Round Goal Khili payal Ms-2053

Coloring Plastic Vaccum Mina Pis Salang Casting Mungi(Gungi) Ghughru Round Goal D(Aamrapali,Kismat) Khili Payal Ms-2052

Salang Casting Cholel Nakshi Dull Finishing Mungi(Gungi) Ghughri D(Aamrapali,Kismat) Round Goal Khili Payal Ms-2051

Vaccum Plastic Mina Peacock Pis With Salang Casting Round Goal Khili Payal Ms-2050

Fancy Plastic Mina Salang Casting Rajkoti D(Aamrapali,Kismat)Khili Round Goal Payal Ms-2049

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